Assembly Service

What is the assembly service?
The assembly service is meant for you – no matter if you love driving boat – but you don’t have the time for assembly, you want to get the boat done on your own – but you need partial assistance or you just started with boats and you want to make sure everything will be done correctly.

Where can I find the assembly service?
Some of our boats do have bundles including parts and assembly already listed. In case your choosen hull does not show such bundles or you want different parts or partial assistance, please contact us through the “I wish assembly” button. We will send you an individual offer then.

I received my offer and I do want to order now. How to proceed?
After login, you will find your offer in your shopping cart. Your offer will be turned into an invoice automatically after acceptment. Bank details or a paypal payment request will be supplied by following the system as guided step by step.

How long does assembly take?
The assembly period does depend on the choosen hull and setup. If all parts are stocked, assembly service can be done within a couple days usually.

Do you also assemble parts that are not in your sortiment?
No, in order to guarantee for quality we will use parts of our sortiment only. In case required parts can`t be supplied (batteries, RC) we will give a recommendation. The missing parts can be bought and included by you then.


I wish assembly!

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