Outboard Drive | Inkl. Adapter plate | Inkl. Bracket | Scale 1:5

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    Heavy Metal The latest version with complete aluminium base and including already mounted... more

    Heavy Metal
    The latest version with complete aluminium base and including already mounted adapter plate for strong motors as well as bracket.

    Highlight from the X-Cat world series
    Our new outboard drive is a scale replica (1: 5) of the well known Mercury AB engine. Thanks to its stable construction and the hypoid toothed gears, this is, after minor modifications, suitable for power up to 4KW.

    That fits
    The outboard drive is very well suited for catamarans and monoboats with a length between 120-140cm. Matching motors would be the 5692 as well as the MHZ-Scorpion 4035 or 5035. 

    Good to know!

    Fill with oil (8ccm / 0,27fl oz) before usage. After first 30 minutes of usage please drain oil in order to get abrasion out of the drive. Refill with fresh oil and do so on a regular basis - see downloads.    

    Assembly is done in one line with the keel line.
    For the complete scale look matching stickers are included.
     Infos for maintaining the drive can be found in the "Downloads" section. The outboard motor is able to move either way (left/right) depending on used propeller. The drive needs to be filled with gear oil (8ccm / 0,27fl oz) before usage. Please also note that the drive should only be used in water - therefore not in the dry state. Otherwise, the drive will not be sufficiently cooled and shaft seals may be damaged.

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  • Prop shaft: 4,75mm (3/16")
    Material hood: Plastic
    Material beyond hood: Aluminium 
    Gears: Hardened steel with hypoid gearing
    Amount ball bearings: 5
    Coupling for: 8mm motor shaft
    Weight: 865g
    Max rpm: 30.000
  • FAQ
  • At which height is the drive mounted?
    The surface drive is mounted at the same height as when using a flex shaft. The exact height is set individually by your hull.

    How has steering to be done?

    There are 2 options:

    1. You use the 4 thin threaded rods and thus 2 threaded rods per drive (1x inside and outside of the drive). The square threaded rod is not required then.

    2. You use 2 thin threaded rods - 1x per drive with connection on the outside and connect the two drives with the square threaded rod

    How is the servo deflection performed?
    The deflection to the servo should either be diagonally down or with an angle.
    When used with an angle, however, 2 rods per drive must be used in any case and then under no circumstances should the middle rod be used.

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