El Inferno | Mono 3 | 890mm (35")

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    Built for competitions The El Inferno was developed by P. Kovac and is ideal for electric... more

    Built for competitions
    The El Inferno was developed by P. Kovac and is ideal for electric competitions. The special underwater boat allows this little racer very high speeds, especially in rough water.

    That fits
    The El Inferno Ex Mono 3 fits perfectly for 30-36mm innrunner electric motors (6-7S) as well as 40er motors (6-8S). The center of gravity here is at 26-30% from the transom.

    Good to know!
    The delivery also includes the template for the  inner side of the flood channel.

    The little difference
    This hull is available in different versions. In general, all of our hulls are manufactured using the sandwich "wet in wet" process (1 layer of 100er GFK + 1 layer of 160er GFK + optionally 1 layer of C-AFK or CFK + 1 layer of 100er GFK). In this way, the upper and lower part connect optimally and, unlike in vacuum process, there is no weak point on the seam edge of the boat. Which version suits you best depends on what plans you have with your power boat. GFK hulls are stable and suitable for normal speed up to 130Km/h. For higher speeds, we recommend using the C-AFK (very stable, firm, heavier than GFK) or CFK (very stable, flexible and lighter than C-AFK) version.

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  • Length: 890mm (35")
    Width: 210mm (8,27")
    Height: 62mm (2,44")
    Weight: approx. 620g
    Material: C-AFK
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