Chief 83 | Offshore Boat | 2125mm (83,7") | GFK

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    Chief 83 - a real classic which is made on your demand only.  Modern... more

    Chief 83 - a real classic which is made on your demand only. 

    Modern interpretation of the original Apache models.
    After the two owners of the Apache split,  the same monoboot had been split in Chief and Apache. Although the Chief is more of a scale boat its still  suitable for every water and for both beginners and professionals. Very good handling is guaranteed with this boat model.

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    That fits
    The setup is done with two drives of your choice (z-B- 2x NXT Z drive). Matching engine options here include two 22-32cc engine, two Scorpion 5035 or one Scorpion 7455 with gearbox. Further matching accessories can be found below in the section "That fits".

    Good to know!
    The center for the construction is 26-28% from the transom. For better buoyancy, we generally recommend the installation of floating noodles in the bow of large boats.

    The little difference
    In general, all of our hulls are manufactured using the sandwich "wet in wet" process (1 layer of 100er GFK + 1 layer of 160er GFK +  1 layer of 100er GFK). In this way, the upper and lower part connect optimally and, unlike in vacuum process, there is no weak point on the seam edge of the boat. 

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  • Length: 2125mm (83,7")
    Width: 445mm (17,5")
    Height: 330mm (13")
    Weight: approx. 10KG
    Material: GFK
    Color: White
  • That fits:

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