Shovelnose | Hydroplane | 1400mm (55,12") | GFK

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    A real classic, which is made on your demand only.  Shovelnose of the Hydroplane... more

    A real classic, which is made on your demand only. 

    Shovelnose of the Hydroplane series of the 60s
    At that time a pure wooden construction and powered by aircraft engines like Allison or Rolls Royce with up to 16 cylinders and a performance of 600 - 1200hp. Our Hydroplanemodell is a replica of just this typical wooden Hydroplanes made of GFK and epoxy resin. Suitable engines are the Zenoah G320 PUM, the Blata 40 or Polini 50cc and 2 cylinders.

    Good to know
    For easy installation of engine and co, upper and lower shell are not glued. When bonding the upper and lower part, it is important to sand off both contact surfaces well (60-grit sandpaper) and then possibly to level. Then glue with epoxy resin, which is thickened with cotton flakes, all around. The focus is, as usual for Hydroplanes, at 3-5cm behind the trailing edge of the float. Further matching accessories can be found below in the section "That fits"

    The little difference
    In general, all of our hulls are manufactured using the sandwich "wet in wet" process (1 layer of 100er GFK + 1 layer of 160er GFK +  1 layer of 100er GFK). In this way, the upper and lower part connect optimally and, unlike in vacuum process, there is no weak point on the seam edge of the boat

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  • Length: 1400mm (55,12")
    Width: 600mm (23,62")
    Weight: approx. 4400g
    Color: White
    Material: GFK
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