MHZ – Scorpion HK-7455-320KV | 22,4kW | Set | Boats | 2m (78")

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  • 2.5kg
  • 2137-W-BB
    Big boats can only scale? - Take the counter proof! With our newly developed MHZ Scorpion... more

    Big boats can only scale? - Take the counter proof!
    With our newly developed MHZ Scorpion 7455-320KV slow, big boats are a thing of the past. This engine is perfect for monoboats and catamarans ex 2m (78") in length 

    Thats included:


    What is so different about the MHZ – Scorpion 7455-320 KV Motor?
    MHZ means highest quality for highest demands. For that reason their is one choice only - Scorpion Motors. Our performance specifications refer to continous power. Frustration caused by low motor performance? – impossible!

    Features of the MHZ – Scorpion 7455-320 KV Motor:
    For production, twenty 100% similair Neodym magnets as well as  2 Turn Delta winding is used. This causes higher efficiency of the motor. The maintenance–free MHZ – Scorpion motor has a integrated water cooling – which is much more efficiently than an air cooled or cooled by motor mount version motor. Furthermore the MHZ – Scorpion 7455-320 is not supported  "pendant" with  one–sided motor shaft but with our dual–sided motor shaft for smooth, free of interference operation. Further every motor is tested before delivery.

    That fits!
    For use in monoboots we recommend the use of one engine and two Z-drives and gearbox, 12-14S and 70-75mm, 2-3 blade propellers, pitch 1.4 - 1.6
    For use in catamarans we recommend the use of two engines, 12-14S and 75-80mm, 3-4 blades propeller, pitch 1.6
    The fitting ESC is also available at our shop - the MGM 40063-3

    Good to know!
    We highly recommend the usage of the MGM ESC 40063 ESC Art. 2502 since many other ESC are not suitable for 20 pole motors.

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  • Current power: 14kW
    Peak output: 22,4kW
    Max. rotation: 17500upm
    Rotation: 320KV
    No load current: 9,1A
    Max. V: 56V
    Max. pulse current: 400A
    Continuous current: 250A
    Weight: 2200g
    Shaft diameter: 12mm (0,47")
    Length motor shaft front: 40mm (1,57")
    Length motor shaft back: 14,5mm (0,57")
    Total length: 106mm (4,17")
    Diameter: 86mm (3,39")
    Diameter stator: 74mm (2,91")
    Length stator: 55mm (2,17")
    Motor Timing: 24° or more
    Frequency: 8 kHz
    Material: high quality aluminium and steel
    Magnet poles: 20  (100% identic neodym magnets)
    Winding: 2 Turn Delta winding
    Attachment: 6 x M5 screws
    Bolt circle:
    45mm (1,77")
    Torque: 5,2Nm
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