Semi Scale Rudder | Rudder Mini | 79mm

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    Semi Scale Rudder for small boats This rudder does have a integrated steering on both sides.... more

    Semi Scale Rudder for small boats
    This rudder does have a integrated steering on both sides. Optical highlights are the look a like screws at the top of the rudder for scale look. Assembly itself is done directly through the flange with 2 screws. For this reason your hull does not need a rump . The rudder can be assembled to the transom of the hull directly. 

    That fits!
    Suitable for small hulls between 70 and 100cm. 

    Smart cookie!
    The rudder blade automatically folds upwards in the event of collision with flotsamDamage to the hull caused by the rudder itself is thereby prevented.

    Good to know!
    A small trick helps to mark the holes at the transom. Place a white piece of paper on the rudder stand and strip several times with a pencil over it. By doing so, you "copy" the exact contours of the holder. Now simply cut the template, stick to the transom with adhesive tape and drill the required holes.

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  • Total length: 88mm (3,46")
    Length rudder blade: 63mm (2,48")
    Flange: 22x19 mm (0,87" x 0,75")
    Material: Aluminium
    Color: Anodized black 
    Weight: 26g
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